Rebel Health – Helping you be in the best condition possible, to do the things you love with the people you love, for as long as possible’

1:1 nutrition and health coaching, and personal training.

Re-writing your stories for health, wealth and happiness.


Lisa punching Muay Thai pad on Bell Wharf in Leigh on Sea.

Work With Me.

1:1 VIP Health Coaching

Work with me on an intimate 1:1 Rebel Rewire programme, where we re-write your stories around your health, wealth and happiness. Using 18 years of nutrition, movement and behaviour change strategies we change your habits to support the life and health that you want to create.  The programme is highly intuitive and completely tailored to you and your needs. 

Investment starts from £2000


Work with me for ether 3 or 6 months to create quantum shifts in your health, mind body and soul.
1:1 PT

Whether you want to get stronger, more resilient physically and mentally, the power of movement can’t be underestimated. It has the power to care for the deepest parts of yourself, that is necessary for your whole health. 

Working together we create a love of movement, that embeds it as something that you want to be a part of your daily life, something to be enjoyed and celebrated not endured. Having a PT isn’t about having your reps counted, it’s about having someone who builds your confidence and self efficacy, gives you accountability and support and can build you a programme that responds to your changing needs. 

Sessions are either based at my home gym, or I can come to you if you are local to Lyme Regis. 

Packages start from £900 for 3 months


Work with me in person, to build a resilient body that enables you to enjoy life with confidence.
Rebel Academy Membership

Group coaching membership, covering all aspects of the Rebel approach – Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Lifestyle to help you to feel the best that you can feel. Supported by me and those others in the Academy, you encourage, motivate and support each other, because we believe that all boats rise with the tide. 

With recorded classes, built in accountability, two group calls a week and a monthly live breathwork session you have everything you need to be able to create your own version of what it is to have Rebel Health for yourself. 

Self led, but with group support from me all the way. There is no minimum sign up period because we want you to stay because you love it, not because you are financially obliged.

Monthly £95 


Your very own gym and nutritionist and health coach in your pocket, with the Rebel app and community

Why choose me to help you?

Well, because I have been there. I wasn’t always the confident (if slightly chaotic) and energetic woman I am today. Until I was 29 years old, I was an unfit, very overweight, unhealthy mother of 2 small children, and was quietly sad. Lacking any confidence and with no social life, a successful and busy corporate role in Programme Management saw me working long hours and being a parent consumed every minute for me, allowing no time to reflect on how bad things actually were (because then I’d have to do something about it, and that was all a bit scary).

A chance visit to a Muay Thai boxing gym changed everything for good. From the first session of not being able to skip for more than 10 seconds without coughing up a lung, I’d found something that I loved. And for the girl at school who was rubbish at PE, finding something I was not only pretty decent at, but that I could use to switch off from everything else that was happening, was pretty awesome. 

Ultimately it gave me a new life. It led to a new job, new friends, new experiences, a new business and a new husband. I went from not being able to skip for 10 seconds to professional Muay Thai fights, running up and over mountains, competing in Crossfit competitions and creating a whole new career from it. 

And because of these experiences it really matters to me that you love it. I know how hard it can be if you don’t enjoy looking after your health, if movement has always been something you have hated, if diets have been a part of your life forever. 

I want you to know that it can be something that brings you absolute joy, and I want to help you fall in love with taking care of yourself, the joy of realising you can do so much more. 

I believe passionately that the improvement in your fitness is almost secondary. It makes you feel good physically, of course, but the mental benefits are huge (and it’s way cheaper than therapy!). The confidence that you get every time you achieve something new spills over into everyday life, and you find yourself walking with a spring in your step, carrying yourself differently. And making sure that your body is in the best shape possible to do the things with the people you love, and do all of the amazing things in life you want to achieve, is pretty special. 

It’s no coincidence that we are Rebels. I don’t conform to the norm; I’m drawn to the mavericks, the ones who do things differently. As a PT, Thai boxer, nutritionist, lover of all things fitness, and a teensy bit competitive with myself, I have a gift for seeing YOU and knowing how to get the most out of you and make it fun, too. 

We don’t train in a globo gym with pristine weights, and we don’t follow strict meal plans. There are no egos here. We chase progress, not perfection – and aim for better, not best. 

Whether you want to just come along and train, are a 1:1 coaching client or want to be a part of a strong, supportive community, I’ll give you the kick-start to a lifelong transformation, not just fitting into a smaller pair of jeans.

You are of course, so much more than a body, you are a mind and a soul too. But your body is the lense that you will experience life through in all of it’s challenges, so let’s make sure all of the elements of you health are in the best condition, so you can life life to it’s fullest.