Who are we?

Rebel encompasses lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise coaching, and was founded in Essex by Lisa Monger in 2015. After 6 years of working in the fitness industry for other people and a leading outdoor military fitness company, she found herself in a position where she could either work for someone else or start up on her own. 

And so, Rebel was born. Starting out as just boxing sessions – now our Rebel Strike classes – it has grown to include strength and conditioning sessions, personal training, Virtual Rebel online sessions, online nutrition coaching in our Academy and Rebel Retreats

Lisa punching Muay Thai pad on Bell Wharf in Leigh on Sea.

So who is this loud little woman?

She wasn’t always the confident (if slightly chaotic) woman she is today. Until she was 29 years old, she was an unfit, very overweight, unhealthy mother of 2 small children, and was quietly sad. Lacking any confidence and with no social life, working and being a parent consumed every minute, allowing no time to reflect on how bad things actually were (because then she’d have to do something about it, and that was all a bit scary).

A chance visit to a Muay Thai boxing gym changed everything for good. From the first session of not being able to skip for more than 10 seconds without coughing up a lung, she’d found something that she loved. And for the kid at school who was rubbish at PE, finding something she was not only pretty decent at, but that she could use to switch off from everything else that was happening, was pretty awesome. 

Ultimately it gave her a new life. It led to a new job, new friends, new experiences, a new business and a new husband. She went from not being able to skip for 10 seconds to professional Muay Thai fights. 

Lisa believes passionately that the improvement in your fitness is almost secondary. It makes you feel good physically, of course, but the mental benefits are huge (and it’s way cheaper than therapy!). The confidence that you get every time you achieve something new spills over into everyday life, and you find yourself walking with a spring in your step, carrying yourself differently. 

It’s no coincidence that we are Rebels. She doesn’t conform to the norm; she’s drawn to the mavericks, the ones who do things differently. As a PT, Thai boxer, nutritionist, lover of all things fitness, and a teensy bit competitive with herself, she knows how to get the most out of you and makes it fun, too. 

We don’t train in a globo gym with pristine weights, and we don’t follow strict meal plans. There are no egos here. We chase progress, not perfection – and aim for better, not best. 

Whether you want to just come along and train, have help with your nutrition or to be a part of a strong, supportive community, we’ll give you the kick-start to a lifelong transformation, not just fitting into a smaller pair of jeans.