It’s all a bit fucking crazy right now, isn’t it? 

If you had said to me six months ago that we would be training people solely online with virtual sessions, I would’ve laughed. 

We took the decision to stop our group training classes so we can ensure our members and their families are as safe and healthy as possible. We had a contingency plan in place so that we can still look after our guys if we’re staying indoors as we should be. Not only are we keeping our existing service going, but we are adding a further 12 sessions, bringing the number up to 24 sessions a week. 

It’s not perfect. But it’s definitely good enough in terms of training together, and it’s better than nothing. We are restricted with equipment and space, and not being able to use the beach and the woods. But we are still training together, and that’s very important. 

Some people’s routines have always involved following YouTube videos or Instagram workouts. For a free option, there’s nothing wrong with this, but there’s so much more to virtual training sessions. I’ve been writing home workouts for people for a long time, taking into account the equipment they have to use, their routine and other commitments, and making it into something that fits. 

Who doesn’t train harder when their coach is watching?

But that’s the key difference. A virtual workout you do at home isn’t like following a home workout on YouTube. The two-way video gives you the opportunity to be coached, instructed, improved. You’re trained as an individual, with reps and weights adjusted, injuries accommodated, limitations accounted for and modifications given. You’re encouraged (we can see if you’ve stopped and we know if you’re slacking off or taking a breather). 

For most Rebels, or for anyone who trains in groups, it’s the community, the interaction with other people, that makes the difference. Even more so now, it’s comforting to see other people on the screen, to see your mates, to sweat, struggle, train and laugh with each other. 

What classes are on offer?

Because of the current situation, we have made the decision to move all of our in-person classes online. This means that not only do we have Virtual Rebel classes like Rebel Core, Rebel Flow, and Rebel Kettlebells, but also our boxing sessions (Rebel Strike) and our strength and conditioning classes (Rebel Force) all available online. 

It’s not that we’re saying that this is better than in-person sessions. But acceptance of the situation has meant that we came up with a pretty special alternative and it’s making a huge difference. It helps us to relax, feel a bit normal, and breaks up the day. 

This little 30-60 minute deposit into the bank of your mental wealth is there to use when you need it. There are lots of places that are providing online workouts and it’s bloody ace. That extra mile, the extra bit we’re giving people with Virtual Rebel is that they feel they’re a part of something, still feeling that they are progressing, still feeling in control of something, however small. 

On Wednesday, I attended a Rebel Strike class led by Coach Michela, who put 14 of us through our paces for an hour. I can’t describe what it’s like doing a virtual session, because I had someone watching me, letting me know if I needed to kick the effort up a notch, still getting the community and group feel and laughs with my mates and clients. 

How to join in 

As always, everything is open to everyone, with all exercises modified to suit your ability. If you’d like to try a virtual class, you can try as many as you’d like for 7 days with our free pass

It’s more important than ever to not just be healthy, but to stay connected and support each other. 

See you in your living room!