The Rebel Academy

The Online Rebel Academy takes you through changing your approach to food, movement and lifestyle week by week, giving you simple habits, and helping you understand your brain. 

Learn to manage your thoughts and behaviours

Imagine having something there for whenever you need it, to simplify nutrition and show you habits that are easy for you to stick to – adjusting them as you go and levelling you up when you’re ready.

Having not only a coach (me) and nutrition coach (also me!) in your pocket, but also access to information from a whole host of other experts is worth so much more than a PT session a week.

What’s more, you get a community of other people going through the exact same process as you. Never underestimate the power of a group of your peers who are there with the purpose of lifting each other up. It is truly awe-inspiring.

Why should you join? 

You’ll get a monthly membership that gives you access to amazing online support from me and the other Rebels. We’re going to develop a better relationship with food, be motivated to exercise, and develop habits that help you to cope with being as healthy as possible despite the stress of daily life.

Regardless of if your ideal outcome is: 


Changing how your body looks and feels


Gaining energy, creativity and productivity in life and business


Reinforcing your self-confidence


Improving your mental health


Managing your stress


Getting better sleep


Setting an example for your children...

… You will find support with all of these things, all done in bite-sized chunks each week that you can take at your own pace.

The Rebel Academy isn’t just about fat loss or what exercises you do, although we will of course help you with that if it’s part of your goals. . 

It’s about your whole health.

Your health isn’t just the food you eat, or the exercise you do. It’s your thoughts, your feelings, your hormones, your sleep, your stress management.

We’ve got a wide range of guest speakers, interviewees, and experts who’ll be sharing their wisdom so we can help you apply it to your life. All of this to come in the next few months, to help you find your way and reignite your passion for yourself and your health. We want to help to light that first spark that sets you off on a new path.

So… How does it work? 

The Rebel Academy covers the four main cornerstones of The Rebel Philosophy: 




Movement and training





Each week you get…  

Two live group calls on Monday 7pm and Thursday 1pm where you can have direct access to live coaching

a community of other people that is so powerful and supportive that it has to be seen to be believed.

bonus content, recipes, interviews and guest experts.

We’ve done the hard work of filtering through all of the information and finding what is relevant to you and your life. You have access to me. Anyone who has worked with me knows that if you need me, I’m there. I don’t know any other way to be, walking with you through this group journey.

I go through every step with you, celebrate the wins and coach you through the learning points. Because life can be a bitch sometimes, and you can learn to ride the waves instead of going under, and still keeping prioritising your health.  

Sounds awesome. Where do I sign up?