Virtual Rebel

We have ex-Rebels all over the world who have always told us they wish they could still join in classes. That, with the coronavirus crisis as a catalyst, has pushed forward an idea we’ve been toying with for a while – Virtual Rebel as part of our totally brilliant Academy. 

Now you can have all the benefits of being a Rebel without leaving the house – perfect if you work from home, struggle with childcare, or are self-isolating. 

Using our specialised app, you can have the full Rebel experience with your coach and classmates, live in your living room, right from your smartphone or laptop with a live session on Saturday morning, and everything else on Demand to make it as flexible as possible to create your own version of Rebel and to make it fit in with your busy life. 

At Rebel Health, we are passionate about our Rebel Family. We pride ourselves in being there to help not only supplement your nutrition and training goals, but also improve your mindset and help you live a healthy lifestyle. We aim for better, not best, and that still applies if you’re attending a Rebel class from the comfort of your home. 

Who is Virtual Rebel for? 

You might have started this year determined to get fitter and healthier, but not didn’t know where to start. 

A lot of our members have demanding jobs, and don’t have the time to allocate to a gym commute added in to their day. They can’t be tied down to set times and want the flexibility that it offers to be able to have a workout and accountability at your finger tips/

Maybe you have a long commute or childcare commitments, so joining a gym isn’t practical for you. 

You might be suddenly working from home, and not moving as much as you used to. 

Or maybe your circumstances have changed and you are looking for something that can help you exercise and stay fit and healthy, whilst being part of a tight-knit community. 

If any of the above applies to you, you’re in luck.

Using just your phone or laptop and an internet connection, you can join us for Rebel Training sessions from wherever you are, through Zoom and our specialised app. 

Become part of the Rebel Family and let us help you…

  • Carve out some time in your day to focus on yourself
  • Spend time moving to support both your physical and mental health
  • Build confidence in your body’s capability and learn to push yourself the right way
  • Become part of our tight-knit community and make new friends.

What do you get when you become a Virtual Rebel? 

  • Live, real-time coaching that pushes you to your limits, not just follow-along YouTube videos. All Virtual Rebel classes have two-way video so our coaches can see you while you train, correct your form and suggest modifications if needed.
  • Real, live encouragement from your coach and classmates, rather than a pre-recorded ‘good job!’ that you’ll get from a YouTube video or Facebook Live replay
  • With a huge range of sessions to choose from, there’s tons of variety. Pick and mix your class schedule, from Rebel Fire, Rebel Core, Rebel Flow, Rebel Impact, Ballet Barre and Kettlebells – as well as our standard Rebel Strike and Rebel Force sessions.
  • Available whenever you need in our specialised Virtual Rebel app on demand, and a live Saturday Sweat session every week to set you up for the weekend. 

What are the Virtual Rebel sessions? 

You can create your own mix of sessions by booking any variety of combination of Rebel classes across the week. Whichever one you choose, we’ll make sure you know the basics and start you off from where you are right now. Every part of our sessions is modified to suit the individual. 

Not sure which one is for you? 

Have a look below to find out more about each session.  

Rebel Flow

Thirty minute or hour-long sessions of calm, focused on stretching, flexibility, and maintaining good mobility. Incorporating at least one Rebel Flow session a week into your routine will help you stay injury-free and get the most of you Rebel Training. 

Rebel Fire

Thirty minute sessions of intense bodyweight sessions guaranteed to have you breathing fire and building a super strong engine. 

Rebel Core

Thirty minute sessions designed to develop your core strength while working up a sweat, doing abs and core exercises. 

Rebel Kettlebells

Thirty minute sessions of full-body strength and cardio delivered by a fully qualified kettlebell instructor. Swing and clean your way to feeling fitter and stronger with an epic workout.

Rebel Strong

Strength and technique sessions, using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or sand balls. Focusing on improving strength and lifting technique with correct form. 

Rebel Unloaded

Low-intensity, low-impact sessions designed to ease you into training for the first time, or back into it after an injury. Perfect for beginners, seniors, or for rehab.